Production Base

      Guangdong Yabo (hotel) headquarters furniture company and production base is located in Nanhai District of Foshan city Jiujiang town of Sha Tsui Yabo Industrial Park, the registered capital of 100 million 300 thousand yuan, has a staff of more than 700 people, the factory covers an area of 60000 square meters, production workshop area of 120000 square meters, an area of 60000 square fourth Yabo is stepping up production base preparation, production, the company production capacity will be on the existing basis, increased by 50%. With the expansion of the size of perfect mechanical equipment, plant construction also makes Yabo gradually to the road of sustainable development. Only last year, presented in the introduction of foreign high-end production line investment will spend millions of dollars. In the more than 120000 square meters of large-scale modern factory equipped with digital mechanical processing equipment, at the same time processing and production of high-grade wooden products. In recent years, the output value has maintained an annual growth rate of 20% - 30%. This benefit from the company's continuous adherence to R & D, design, quality first purpose, and through the Internet to open up new market space.


Exquisite design, research and development, high-end standards, specialized ---UV green environmental protection technology

Since the creation of the brand, Albert was very focused on product design art with hotel artistic charm, cultural history, regional style perfect design, tailored for each client with individuation. At the same time together with domestic and foreign famous interior design companies, attention at home and abroad design concept and style, understand local ethnic customs, put humanity into furniture design, bring out different ideas, so in the design basis and the hotel overall style match, complement each other, to cater to the guests around. The introduction of multiple production lines in Germany and Italy introduced foreign advanced production equipment and production technology. At the same time, combined with the traditional carved secret agents, both to ensure the scale and standard of mechanical production, taking into account the China furniture history and charm. Make products seem elegant, noble, and novel.
implementation of Yabo hard outfit soft outfit, with matching processing, customized according to customer demand for leather, cloth, wood, copper and other products, found out a set of furniture product installation structure technical specification. Albert has a strong professional technical team, in every process of strict checks, the time to master schedule, quality, environmental protection and other core technology, has formed a set of perfect production process standardization, standardization, specialization.
Albert depth master UV coating technology. UV paint is different from ordinary furniture enterprises commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC paint, UV coating does not contain any volatile substances, products produced green, healthy and environmentally friendly. Albert in the production process, to overcome the human factors in manual operation with the use of UV technology, the product difference is small, stable quality, production of furniture has a scratch resistant touch and friction resistant. In China, large-scale, high standard, professional production of UV coating products of the enterprise is not much, Albert is one of the master the core technology of the enterprise, plays a role in the industry.

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